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Earn XP with Helios

Helios is an on-chain and off-chain data aggregator which tracks what you're learning and doing outside of LearnWeb3.

What is Helios?

Helios is a data aggregator built by LearnWeb3 that tracks what activities developers are doing on-chain and off-chain. It is used to find high quality signals of you continuing your learning journey and contributing to the ecosystem outside of the LearnWeb3 platform.

How does Helios work?

Helios currently tracks developer activity on GitHub, and on-chain activity such as contract deployments. It also looks at events you have attended, hackathons you have participated in, hackathons you have won, and so on. By combining all of these signals, Helios creates a holistic view of your activity in the ecosystem.

What about other things I have done?

Helios is still in its early stages, and we are working on adding more signals to it. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in our Discord!

Github Contributions

Unfortunately, it is very easy to fake a high number of commits to private repositories on Github. It is important that the XP system is not easy to cheat your way through. As such, Helios looks at Github activity in certain high-value organizations and repositories where we believe it would be hard to get "fake" commits merged.

To ensure you get points for contributions to Github, make sure you link your Github account to your LearnWeb3 profile from the Settings page. Currently, the following Github repos are tracked for contributions by Helios:

Contract Deployments

Currently, Helios tracks all contract deployments happening on Ethereum Mainnet. In the future, we will add support for other popular networks.

To ensure you get points for deployments to Ethereum, make sure you link your Ethereum address to your LearnWeb3 profile from the Settings page.

Events and Hackathons

Helios employs a variety of on-chain and off-chain techniques to track event attendance. There are mainly five categories which you can fall in to earn XP through this feature - Attendee, Hacker, Volunteer, Judge, and Winner.

To maximize the chances that we can attribute all the requisite XP to you, make sure you link your Ethereum address and connect an Email to your LearnWeb3 profile from the Settings page.

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