Rebuild Ownership 2.0: Internet Privacy

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Internet privacy is crucial as it safeguards personal data, preserves autonomy, and protects against surveillance. It fosters trust in online interactions and ensures individuals can control what they share, making it fundamental in the digital age. However, we’ve all had our data sold to third parties without consent, becoming the product of internet. This became one of the main goals for the new internet era - web3 to solve. In web3, privacy is a cornerstone of the decentralized internet, offering users greater control over their data and enhanced consent mechanisms, with technologies like DID, dStorage, ZKP, MPC and FHE. 「Rebuild Ownership」as a series global hackathon, is designed to gather the pioneer protocols in the space and offer hackers a holistic experience of tackling on internet privacy using web3 technologies. We are thrilled to have partners like Filecoin, Fhenix, etc.

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11/10/2023 → 12/11/2023

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