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LearnWeb3 is a high quality, holistic education platform to onboard you as a web3 developer. Learn with a community, make friends, gain skills for the web3 world, and collect NFT certificates. Join 40k+ builders and start your journey today.

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Freshman 🚀

Learn the absolute basics of Web3

Web3 Curious
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Sophomore 🏕️

Dig deep and build dApps

Web3 Novice
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Junior 👷

Get embedded in the ecosystem

Web3 Buidler
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Senior 😎

Learn web3 security and hacking

Web3 L33T

Our goal is to onboard Web3 devs until Web3 is no longer called Web3


Forever free courses to serve everyone, no matter where you are

Holistic education that goes beyond just introductory content


An active and friendly community to clear any doubts you have


Assessments to hone your skills, and Proof of Knowledge NFTs


Public profiles to flex your skills and get headhunted


Take part in hackathons, discuss technical papers, or just chill within events


Get connected to opportunities through the jobs board


Meet new people, make friends, and find people to build together

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