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LearnWeb3 offers a variety of learning resources to help you learn about next-gen technologies. Get introduced to new technologies through minis, do lessons to dive deeper, or enroll in a degree to become an expert.


At the end of the day, the best way to level up is by doing. Explore bounties, open-source tasks, and ongoing hackathons to find opportunities to build and apply your knowledge.


Earn XP and crypto by completing bounties. Earn even more by winning hackathons and competitions. Earn enough XP and you can redeem it for various rewards.

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Attend live events, join a study group, receive support, and build together with other future leaders.

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The world is changing. New technologies like blockchain and AI are revolutionizing the landscape of computing forever. Our goal is to provide you top-tier free education so you can build the bridges that lead us to the future.

Web3 is a vast and complex ecosystem. Choose from hundreds of materials to find the path that's right for you.

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    • LearnWeb3 provided a very open and helpful community for me who was not only new to web3 but also new to the world to programming when I started my journey, the wealth of knowledge and support from LearnWeb3 was just invaluable.

      Abbas Khan

      Developer Relations / thirdweb
      Abbas Khan avatar
    • LearnWeb3 is the reason I'm able to achieve at the age of 20 what I could never dream of! A special thanks to Haardik and Kacie for creating this platform. It was LW3 that made me meet so many dope developers in the ecosystem and more importantly hackathon partners ;). LW3 changed my life!

      Aditya Gupta

      Freelance Web3 Developer
      Aditya Gupta avatar
    • I feel really lucky to be a part of the LearnWeb3 community because I got to be part of a culture that was relentless in it's pursuit to become Web3 developers. Thanks to that culture, I learned more than I ever had about Web3, which helped me push a foot in the door of the professional world.


      Content Lead / Omni Wallet
      Susie avatar
    • Transitioning into Web3 can be overwhelming for beginners due to its rapid pace of development. LearnWeb3 made my learning experience effortless and enjoyable through its comprehensive resources and supportive community, leading me to where I am today.


      Director of DevRel / Valist
      Vanshika avatar
    • Without the help of LearnWeb3 I truly do not consider I would be where I am today, from getting my first contracting job to securing my first full-time job at Sonr.

      Ian Perez

      Software Engineer / Sonr
      Ian Perez avatar
    • Early 2022 it was a challenge for me to find any good Web3 resources. LearnWeb3's tracks and community helped me grasp foundational knowledge of this space and made me a better developer. I got my first full-time job at Polygon within a few short months after that.

      Sohail Saha

      Web3 Developer / Polygon
      Sohail Saha avatar


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